Ever wonder if symptoms of ADD/ADHD might be holding your child back?  Or affecting your child’s achievement in school? You may want to consider an ADHD Assessment for the following symptoms:

Poor attention; excessive distractibility

Physical restlessness or hyperactivity

Excessive Impulsivity

Excessive or chronic procrastination

Difficulty getting started or completing tasks

Frequently losing things

Poor organization, planning and time management

Excessive forgetfulness


The Wise Family helps people manage these types of problems. Our ADHD Assessment will provide people with information about ADHD, what it is and what it isn’t.  With computerized testing and behavioral rating scales, we can help provide insight on the type and severity of the ADHD symptoms presented. We are also happy to add more detailed testing of academic skills if that is a particular concern in addition to an ADHD Assessment.

A diagnosis of ADHD does not automatically mean medication. There are other options that we are more than happy to recommend and assist in finding a solution that works for you or your child.  The impact of these symptoms on you or your child will not disappear — certainly not without an understanding of the problem and that’s where we can help!


If you are ready to evaluate you or your child’s symptoms and get some answers, call us at 1-844-WISE FAM or email us at info@thewisefamily.com to set up a free thirty-minute consultation.