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Newly divorced with kids? Here’s what to know ahead of the holiday season, according to two experts

November 2019

From planning ahead to proper communication techniques, here’s how to ensure your children enjoy the holidays with the new family dynamic.

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Shiny Object Syndrome with Amy Parks

April 2019 

In this real talk episode, Amy Parks and I go deep on Shiny Object Syndrome and how it relates to group practice owners specifically.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • what shiny object syndrome is
  • how social media plays into shiny object syndrome
  • the temptation to always get the next best thing
  • when it’s worth it to make changes
  • taking the time to find the ease within yourself
  • ideas for how to combat shiny object syndrome
  • looking vs. doing

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Looking for the Yellow with Dr. Amy Fortney Parks

April 2019

Group practice owner and brain expert Amy Fortney Parks joins the John Clarke Show to talk about how she found success in private practice and beyond.

Also included in this episode:

  1. How teaching is like sales
  2. How to become a speaker
  3. How to grow your expertise
  4. How to grow your email list
  5. Leveling up your mindset
  6. Dealing with anxiety once and for all
  7. Learning from others outside the industry

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The Testing Psychologist Podcast

March 2017

Tune into my podcast interview with Dr. Jeremy Sharp. In this episode we discuss private practice evaluations and coordinating with schools. We cover all sorts of topics like:

  • The NUMBER ONE best marketing tool for school counselors
  • The difference between a 504 plan and an IEP
  • How to network with schools to build your referral base
  • Building a “recommendation bank” for your reports
  • Do’s and Don’t’s for school recommendations and how to keep recommendations realistic

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Your Child’s Happiness is Not Your Job

The Rant with Baeth Podcast

In this episode, The Rant Podcast host, Baeth, and Dr. Amy Fortney Parks talk about HOW TO PARENT, your KID’S HAPPINESS, social media, ‘yes and…’, and much much more.

  • Why parents are not responsible for their kid’s happiness
  • What is the link between happiness and social media
  • Why parents are so obsessed with their child being happy
  • How families compare themselves to each other
  • What does WAIT mean
  • Why do we make money more important than finding our life’s purpose
  • Imagine a world of people aligned with their own inner authority
  • Why we avoid intimacy
  • How parents and children are connected psychologically

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Moving Up and Out

From Fairfax Woman Magazine – March 2017 edition 

In this article, Amy Fortney Parks discusses how children and teens are faced with a variety of challenges at many points during their development. Particularly during the transition from high school to college.

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Pick Your Battles Wisely

From Fairfax Woman Magazine – January 2017 edition

In this article, Amy Fortney Parks discusses how character is the foundation of your family – and your child’s character is the foundation of their future family! So as so many of us parenting experts say, “Pick your battles”! Your actions today are quite literally changing tomorrow.

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Agree to Disagree

From Fairfax Woman Magazine – November 2016 edition

In this article, Amy Fortney Parks focuses on positively disagreeing with someone. Most of us are brought up to not fully express our opinions so we avoid “ruffling feathers” with friends or relatives. However, there are many ways to tactfully teach kids to respectfully disagree and debate with one another. She references Robby AKA “Kid President” as a role model and that it is okay to not “see eye-to-eye with someone” but you can “work shoulder-to-shoulder!” #wisewords

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Raised in a Barn

From Alexandria Woman Magazine – August 2016 edition

Amy Fortney Parks not only was featured on the cover but also wrote an article for the September/October 2016 issue of Alexandria Woman.

Parenting doesn’t come with an Almanac capable of predicting the future weather around your “barn” or the yield of your “crop”.  And lots of the lessons and leadership that kids experience are completely out of our control.

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View the entire digital edition of the September/October 2016 Alexandria Woman edition here.

The Brain- an interview with Amy Fortney Parks

Practice of the Practice
In this podcast with Joe Sanok from Practice of the Practice The Wise Family’s Amy Fortney Parks speaks about the brain, and the use of brain technology with different groups.

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When Families Need Help

From Family Confidential
In this podcast with Annie from Family Confidential The Wise Family’s Amy Fortney Parks speaks about family counseling, who can benefit most, how to get buy-in from reluctant teens, and how to teach parents the value of really listening to their adolescents.

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‘Snowplow’ parents: the new breed of over-protective

From wtop
“Tiger moms and helicopter dads, step aside. There’s a new name for an emerging breed of over-involved parents — and they’re called snowplow parents.” – Read the article for The Wise Family’s Amy Fortney Park’s take on this new parental phenomenon.

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Youtube, and Netflix, and Snapchat, Oh My!

From Fairfax Woman Magazine – July 22nd, 2016

In this article, Amy Fortney Parks discusses how technology is here to stay. She discusses how to establish healthy screentime with your kids and how to embrace the new technology driven world we live in today.

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Interview with Amy Fortney Parks

From The Parentalist
In this podcast, Amy discusses the trifecta in child psychology: children; education; and parenthood.

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The Hard Labor of Growing Leaders

From Fairfax Woman Magazine – May 5th, 2016
In the digital age, we need to learn how to grow leaders in different way than we did hundreds of years from now. Learn from The Wise Family’s Amy Fortney Parks about how the leadership landscape has changed.

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Four Year College Isn’t the Only Road

From The Huffington Post
Don’t let the pressure and the blinders fool you – four your college is not the only way forward for your child. Learn why that is from The Wise Family’s Amy Fortney Parks.

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