The Wise Family recommends the following resources:


Autism Related Services:

Educational Consultants:

Eating Disordered Behavior Recovery:

Childhood & Adolescent Grief:

Childhood Anxiety and Depression:

Crisis Intervention Hotlines:

GLBTQ Support:

Inpatient Programs:

Professional Mediation Groups:

  • Colin Family Mediation Group LLC: The professional mediators in Colin Family Mediation Group specialize in helping family members stop fighting, solve problems, and stay out of court.  Marriage, divorce, and co-parenting mediation services are available in Alexandria, Springfield, and Fairfax. An initial phone consultation is free, mediation services are provided at reasonable rates, and a flat fee plan is available. The Director of the group, Dr. Virginia Colin, is co-author of The Guide to Low-Cost Divorce in Virginia.

Substance Abuse Programs/Recovery:

Support and Advocacy Groups:

Self-Harming Behavior Recovery:

Separation, Divorce, Re-Marriage Support:

Sexual Abuse Survivors:

Sexual Addiction and Recovery:

Suicide Survivors:

Traumatic Stress, PTSD and Dissociation Recovery: